The Raiders seem bred of a lust for possessions to sate the greed of their god. They are those who strike hard and fast, stealing away with gold, arms, and lives. They are rovers, they are bandits, and they are deadly and swift.


The Raiders of Twilight are a band of thieves and bandits, devoted entirely to the satiation of their basest desires. They live for the bloody acquisition of loot and plunder, and the notoriety that follows in its wake. Power, then, is only desired by Raiders insofar as it is a means to the satisfaction of their ends.



*Neutral ethos considered on a case-by-case basis.


Patron God


The Raiders of Twilight are predominantly motivated by greed for wealth or power, and use force and cunning to satiate these desires. Their mandate is entirely to further themselves at the expense of others, and they use any means necessary to do so.


Easy Entry

Provided you haven’t made an enemy of them, Raiders are easy to join.


Raiders are expected to start PKs, break city laws, and instigate chaos.


Beware: internal disputes are often solved with violence!


  • Level 40 or above
  • Some red aura preferred

Any who wish to join the Raiders of Twilight should send a note to Raider and Immortal, explaining how they will fit well in such an environment.


  • Champions of Avendar
    Relations between these houses heavily depend on players. Members of the Raiders might join forces with the Champions in a fight, but they may just as easily find themselves at odds. Evil Raiders are likely to hunt Champions, and vice versa.
  • Coven of the Shunned
    Relations between these houses heavily depend on players. Evil members of the Raiders may join forces with the Shunned while on a rampage, but an uneasy cease fire is more likely than a true alliance.
  • Guardians of Law
    Raiders are directly opposed to Guardians, and likely to fight at any given moment. Cease fires rarely occur between the two houses, and an alliance is absolutely unheard of.
  • Merchants of Avendar
    The treasure-filled vaults in Corvalius Manor are a tempting target for the Raiders. As bandits, pirates, and thieves, Raiders are likely to plunder any investments the Merchants attempt, a fact the Merchants are not wont to forgive.
  • Raiders of Twilight
    Internally, disputes between Raiders are solved with violence as often as by games of chance. Disruption is common, but so is frivolity; the mood between Raiders can change at the drop of a hat.
  • The Unhoused
    Outsiders are often seen as potential marks and playmates. Anything from innocent pranks to downright dirty deeds may be afoot.


Originally known as the Circle of Twelve, the Raiders eventually grew in strength and numbers. Their savage attacks made their names feared throughout Avendar, and brought the attention of the dark gods, who gave them the power to become the Raiders of Twilight.

With the guidance of the dark powers, the Raiders evolved into a highly efficient engine of destruction, first striking with overwhelming force and savagery, then ravaging the remains with gluttonous ferocity. Over the years, they have developed an uncanny ability to find weaknesses in their opponents, and have been known to ruthlessly take advantage of them.

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