The Coven of the Shunned are practicers of witchcraft and drinkers of blood, slayers of the innocent, even summoners of demons. The dark gods laugh as they ply their evil powers against the innocent, corrupting and tainting all they encounter.


A secretive conclave of sorcerers and practitioners of black witchcraft, members of the Coven of the Shunned seek to subjugate the minds and hearts of those of weaker will to their dark purpose. Initiates of the Coven delve into mysteries both forbidden and infernal, and readily make pacts with
demonkind in their ruthless ambition. The ultimate goals of the Coven are shrouded in secrecy, although it is said that they carry out the will of the dark gods upon Avendar, in exchange for unholy favour.

The Coven of the Shunned is known to have a highly organised structure, with multiple positions of authority within. The schemes of Coven Initiates tend to be similarly well structured – in many cases years of planning will precede the fruition of their goals. Although political manouvering within the Coven structure is commonplace, Initiates tend to be fanatically loyal to the Coven itself, a loyalty ensured through rumours of the dark fates met by those who have betrayed the secrets of the Shunned.

It is told that two sects make up the Coven of the Shunned. Wielders of magic and the masters of mindcraft are trained to turn their studies to darkness, and to enfold infernal power into all their works. Those of a more martial calling may find a place in the vanguard of the Shunned, whereby making pacts with the demon houses allied with the Coven they gain unholy power over enemies and minions alike.



Patron Gods

Despite their secretive nature, it is well-known that the Coven holds little patience for applicants who claim to be deceiving others about their black- hearted nature in the name of some nebulous future gain. One need not advertise, it is said, but aid given to an enemy is frowned upon no matter how thorough a rationalization is presented.


The overgod Ashur sleeps, dreaming death into the world of Avendar. The Coven ostensibly serves Its will, but as the god rarely makes that will known, the Shunned is largely left to its own devices.

Being secretive, the goals of the house are shrouded in mystery. To preserve the mystery, goals are heavily idiosyncratic to the players in the house at the time. An important element of Shunned play is the covering of new evil schemes so that other players have a surprise to un-cover.

Historically, however, Shunned has done such things as summon hordes of demons, pillage goodly temples, and enacted reigns of terror over the populace. A constant theme is the taking of dark texts and sealing them away in their library, never to be seen by the public again. Knowledge is power, and the Coven wants it all for themselves.


Hard Entry

Shunned requires several interviews and additional tasks. These are to help set up your villainous arc.

Mature Themes

The Coven is where horrible people do horrible things. Roleplay can get dark.

Balanced Villainy

Shunned characters are expected to act antagonistically against other characters.
Shunned players are expected to ensure they are not making other players miserable.


  • Level 45 or above
  • Red aura or darker
  • Additional bespoke requirements

Any wishing to join the Coven of the Shunned should send a note to both Shunned and to Immortal stating who they are, what they have done as an adventurer, and why they might be of interest to the Coven.

Applicants will have further, individual requirements set to them which must be fulfilled in order for their petitions to be considered.


  • Champions of Avendar
    Directly opposed to the Coven, the Champions are bent on uncovering evil schemes and putting a stop to them. Shunned will use any and every tactic to bring down the Tower of Aramril.
  • Coven of the Shunned
    Coven members are not permitted to directly harm other members, but they are still horrible people, and they do horrible things to each other.
  • Guardians of Law
    Shunned typically ignores the law. Occasionally, they will manipulate Guardians to serve their ends under the pretense of an alliance.
  • Merchants of Avendar
    Though the houses are not directly opposed, Merchant investments and Coven schemes are often at cross-purposes.
  • Raiders of Twilight
    The proverbial wrench in the works, the Raider’s whirlwind of random strikes usually disrupt Shunned’s long-term plans. Raiders themselves tend to be too canny or to flaky to be exploited for long.
  • The Unhoused
    The Coven will use anyone to serve their ends. Shunned members often employ their own personal network of unhoused spies and enforcers.

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