The deities of Avendar are immortal beings of great power, each with their own interests, purposes, and plans. Most take an active interest in mortalkind, and are even known to appear in avatar form and grant special sigils to reward dedicated followers.

All Gods

Impartial Gods

Earth, order, law, leadership, honesty, creation

Racial Gods

Aelin Gods

Purity, romance, gallantry, refuge, guilt, charm

Empathy, liberation, responsibility, spectacle, transformation, reaction

The arts, beguilement, corruption, betrayal, nightmares, politics

Alatharya Gods


Balance, equality, rebellion, obsession, monotheism, lost causes

Caladaran Gods

Peace, healing, diplomacy, mercy, compassion, charity

Knowledge, precognition, revelation, history, diligence, continuity

Transcendence, reason, patience, meditation, restraint, penance

Chaja Gods

Stories, narratives, inspiration, heritage, drama, the bardic arts

Depression, apathy, anxiety, pessimism, dread, inevitability

Perseverance, foresight, sympathy, grief, comfort, the stars

Ch’taren Gods

Truth, judgement, devotion, command, righteousness, valor

The Weave, freedom, passion, joy, zeal, prophecy

Hope, sacrifice, martyrdom, poignancy, memory, insight

ethron Gods

Nature, symbiosis, renewal, family, druidic magic, growth

Hunting, anarchism, heroism, mischief, vivacity, disobedience

Mortality, surrender, fate, rebirth, hard truths, boundaries

human Gods

War, honor, pride, metalsmithing, victory, defeat

Water, life, protection, unity, purification, healing

The moons, blood, wonder, intensity, illusion, enervation

nefortu Gods

Trade, contracts, wealth, community, strategy, discretion

Fire, wrath, ruin, violence, consumption, malice

Chaos, air, gambling, trickery, luck, change

shuddeni Gods

Ambition, fear, pain, greed, bloodlust, havoc

The Void, demons, death, apocalypse, silence, finality

Tyranny, subjugation, dread, cruelty, bureaucracy, attrition

srryn Gods

Undeath, punishment, jealousy, obedience, decay, exile

Swamps, evolution, fertility, shelter, supremacy, gratification

srryn, reptiles, swamps, mires, decay