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Welcome to Avendar, the Crucible of Legends!

Avendar is a RP+/PK+ MUD set in a fully unique high fantasy setting, featuring:

  • Ten playable lineages with fully original histories and cultures within the setting
  • Sixty playable classes each with a unique play experience and lore
  • A pantheon of diverse gods that work to actively shape the world and their chosen people
  • Complex and multi-generational storylines with potentially permanent effects on the game world, supporting a broad range of character and story types
  • Robust and balanced PK mechanics and support for in-character conflict
  • A massive and unique world within a strange and hostile multiverse

You may play Avendar with your preferred MU* client, and we offer limited support and troubleshooting for some clients. For more information, please see our connection instructions.

Please familiarize yourself with our rules, and be sure to join us on our Discord!