A World to Explore

From beautiful vistas to deadly dungeons, the world of Avendar is rich with interesting places and history.

Eleven Races

Meet Avendar’s original races, including some unlike any you’ve seen before…

Twenty-Five Classes

Study the blade as a swordmaster, bind demons as a void scholar, or call nature’s wrath as a druid. The possibilities are endless!


Avendar is a 100% free, persistent text-based online multiplayer RPG, also known as a MUD. Roleplay an elemental scholar, a graceful swordmaster, a psychic assassin, or any one of our 25 classes. With over 11 races, all with their own cultures, the possibilities are endless! Battle demons in the depths of the Void, the seraphim in the skies, or even your fellow players in our intense player versus player system!

Intricate Magic

Explore a unique magic system through one of six scholar classes: combine elemental powers or specialize in a single one. Or weave magic and metal together as a deadly templar!

Explore the World

Explore a wide, magic-driven world with entirely original races. Immerse yourself in their disparate cultures and faiths, and discover the history that shapes them!

Fantastic Adventures

Slay dragons, battle demon lords or seraphim. Dive through ancient ruins with your fellow adventurers: or slay them!

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