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Skill type: Skill
Skill subtype: Item Activation
Primary user: Magic users
Range: Inventory Item/As Original Spell
Syntax: Recite <scroll> <target>

Non-adventuring scholars have refined their arts to the point where it is possible for some to transcribe spells onto scrolls, that they might be cast at a later date. Spells scribed upon a scroll function exactly as they do when cast ordinarily, except they have no mana cost. Appropriate targeting for a given spell may be found in that spell's helpfile. Scrolls may be freely used in combat, even if the spell scribed upon it ordinarily may not.

As scrolls must be read aloud, they cannot be used while gagged or taking on the aspect of an animal, and deafness will make it harder to do so.

Once recited, successfully or otherwise, a scroll is consumed. It is not possible to recite a scroll higher than your own level.

See also: Cast, Wands, Staves