Skill type: Skill
Skill subtype: Attack, Disarmed
Primary user: Various Martials
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: Current Weapon-wielding Opponent
Requirements: a melee weapon
Syntax: Disarm

Combat-oriented classes can use this skill to knock a weapon from their foe's hands. Two-handed weapons are more difficult to disarm, while certain other weapons such as whips and flails are easier to use to disarm others.

Most weapons will fall to the ground when disarmed, though those that bear the nodrop or inventory flags remain in the character's inventory. Items with the noremove and nodisarm flags cannot be disarmed with this skill. Mobiles who are able to see at the time they are disarmed will immediately pick up their weapon.

This skill must be used while already in combat, and only against the person the user is currently fighting.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity