Dual wield

Dual Wield
Skill type: Skill
Skill subtype: Weapon skill
Primary user: Assassin, Swordmaster, Bandit, Thief, Fire templar, Spirit templar
Syntax: Automatic

Dual wielding is the ability to use an additional weapon in the character's offhand. Weapons being dual wielded will suffer a slight penalty in the amount of damage and have a lesser chance of iterative attacks. Weapon weight must be considered with this skill, as only weapons lighter then the one being wielded in the main hand are capable of being dual wielded. Swordmasters are exempt from this restriction, and can dual wield nearly any two swords they can hold. Certain unwieldy combinations of weapons will be more awkward to defend oneself with.

Large-sized races, such as the chaja, alatharya, and srryn, are able to hold certain kinds of two-handed weapons with one hand, and dual wield them. The balance of spears, staves, and polearms are such that this is not possible for these weapons.

The ambidextrous trait, available upon creation and given to swordmasters automatically, reduces but does not remove the weight restrictions (though swordmasters have none in either case).