Player vs player

Player vs player (PvP) or Player Killing (PK) refers to interactive conflict within the game between two or more characters that are controlled by players, as opposed to between a player and the game itself (also called player vs environment, or PvE). Avendar supports, encourages, and rewards PvP as a natural extension of roleplayed, in-character conflict, and systems and classes are explicitly designed to facilitate PvP.

For information about our game policies related to conflict and PvP, please see our rules page.


When a player character (PC) dies, they leave a body with all of their items behind at the location of their death while their spirit is instantly and automatically respawned at their chosen altar. When this happens, other PCs may steal items or take trophy body parts from a PC's corpse. Only one item may be taken at a time, and each will impose a 12-18 second lag time on the person taking the item. Bandits are particularly good at looting corpses.


Most conflicts that result in a death will result in the loser having any coins on their person taken and, depending on the situation, consumables or weapons. "Full looting" refers to taking most or all of a person's items. This tends to be frowned upon absent a very good reason, and full looting a person will generally make a lot of enemies, even if other characters were not involved in the initial conflict. That said, any etiquette related to looting is entirely player-enforced; staff will not intervene in these matters.


The body parts and organs of adventurers, especially heroes, are regarded as desirable by a number of entities.