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Avendar can be accessed with any MUD client via telnet:

Host:  avendar.net
Port:  9999

If you have never played a game like Avendar before, below are more detailed connection instructions using a number of popular MUD clients which you may choose from. There is no wrong choice, and all have similar functionalities.

Making a Character

When you log in, you will be asked to provide a name. This will be your character's name. A surname is optional.

The character generation process will guide you through picking a lineage, class, and traits before placing you in the School of Heroes to continue your adventure.

MUD Clients


  1. When launching Mudlet, the profile window should open automatically. If it does not, click the Connect button in the top left of the screen.
  2. Then click the new button on the bottom of the profile window.
  3. On the right side of the window, blank fields will be there. They should be Profile name, Server address, and Port:
  4. Under profile name, put Avendar
  5. Under server address put www.avendar.net
  6. Under Port put 9999
  7. Then if you click the connect button on the bottom of the screen, it should save your profile automatically and connect you to the game.

To connect to the game again in the future, you double click the Avendar profile you created when you launch Mudlet again next time.


  1. Click File and navigate to New World...
  2. Under World Name, enter Avendar (or whatever you like).
  3. Under MUD address and port, you will see TCP/IP Address and Port Number. Enter the information above in these boxes.
  4. Check Save World Automatically On Close and click OK

The server information will be saved in a file called Avendar.MCL (or whatever you put in as your World Name). To connect, you will open this file in MUSHclient.