During character creation you will be given five training points to spend on different traits. These points are lost when you finish creating your character, so we encourage to spending all of them. Some classes or lineages will receive certain traits automatically; this is noted below.

Type Name Cost Function Free for
background aristocrat 2 At level 10 and every year thereafter, you will be granted a small stipend or inheritance.
background forger 1 You may forge the "from" line on notes you send. watcher
background weapon maintenance 1 You can repair weapons when they are damaged. all warriors
background streetwise 2 +10% resistance to the skills: peek, plant, steal, waylay, and garrote.
background Loremaster 1 May use the Lore command to gain extra knowledge about rare items and places.
background thieves cant 1 You know a silent sign language. thief
background mortician 1 Improved chance to trophy a corpse without damaging it. void scholar
background god touched 3 Varies; see individual god touch entries for full information.
general brave 2 +15% chance to provoke, rescue, and distract; +20% fear resistance fighter
general cowardly 1 +50% flee chance, +10% cower chance, higher wimpy floor thief
general cynic 2 +50% feint resist; immunity to mimic and ventriloquate
general frugal 1 +15% to haggle.
general linguistic 1 +1 language; doubles chance of language skillups
magical gifted 1 Allows you to cast a spell you do not have the mana for provided your mana is >0.
magical obscure 1 Your spellcasting speech will be ciphered, even if the observer speaks arcane. void scholar, void templar
magical magic aptitude 1 Reduces initial cost of spells, increase mana gained with cantrips. All Scholars
magical pious 2 Free use of recall past level 25; improved success chance for sacrifice.
magical battlecaster n/a Never lose concentration when casting spells in combat. all Templars
physical ambidextrous 2 Allows the use of a sword-type weapon of any weight in the offhand slot. swordmaster
physical charming 2 +1 base and maximum charisma bard, gladiator
physical cold-natured 1 Immunity to weather cold checks.
physical eagle-eyed 2 +1 scan range alatharya, ranger
physical endurance 1 Halves rate of hunger accrual. psionicist
physical fleet 1 Removes failure chance when using get command in combat thief
physical hollow leg 1 Increases maximum satiety. barbarian
physical iron stomach 1 Immunity to poison from spoiled or tainted food. chaja
physical light sleeper 1 Sends messages when someone enters or leaves the room while you're asleep. watcher
physical long-lived 1 Sets maximum age to highest possible range on character creation. caladaran
physical survivor 1 +10 maximum deaths on character creation. fire templar
stealth Hide n/a Allows the user to hide in urban terrain. Bandit, Assassin, Thief
stealth Sneak n/a Allows the user to move without exiting hide. Assassin, Thief
stealth Camouflage n/a Allows the user to hide in wilderness terrain. Ranger, Bandit
stealth Wilderness Movement n/a Allows the user to move without exiting camouflage. Ranger
mana recovery Brawler's Renewal n/a Recover mana with melee attacks. Gladiator, Fighter, Bandit, Barbarian, Ranger