Air templar

“Ah, a new face! Welcome to the guild. I suppose I’ll be your teacher.”
—Aemi, Air Templar Guildmaster of Var Bandor

Misdirection and evasion combine with deadly skill to give the air templar an edge. Air templars blend the magics of flight and illusion with swordmanship and archery. As Air is a force of chaos, no lawful person may take up the sphere as a profession.


Not long after the magics of Air were first tapped by scholars, others inevitably sought to put them to martial ends. However, those who took to the magics of Air did not seek the raw supremacy of Fire or Spirit, but rather to hone their talents in misdirection and speed. The resulting fusion of these two aesthetics has created the modern Air templar: a swordsman who is as unpredictable as he is deadly. The aelin, as a race, have found much to love in the artistic nature of the creed; yet so have the shuddeni, whose infamous taste for deception is fed by the Air templar’s many talents. Nefortu, as well, have taken strongly to the chaotic undertones of the class, savoring its often frivolous nature.

Blending the magics of flight and illusion with swordsmanship, Air templars have broadened these powers to include new and unique effects. These include the absorption of electricity, the ability to evade spells, and the ability to create illusionary clones of themselves. Additionally, they have interwoven the magics of Air with archery, allowing for the execution of otherwise impossible shots. Finally, and perhaps most impressively, they have merged the meditative techniques of the ginta into their spellwork, creating forms uniquely their own. Although trained in many weapons, an Air templar is most at home with the blade.

As Air is a force of chaos, no lawful person may take up the sphere as a profession. Because of their often finicky and playful nature, there is no one deity to whom Air templars universally look for patronage. Their tastes are as diverse as those found within the guild, and given their particularly citified nature, often do not overlap with more rugged deities, such as Girikha.