STR 20
INT 20
WIS 20
DEX 20
CON 20
CHR 20
Resists -
Vulnerable -
Bonus -
Special Stat boost[1]

Jolinn's final creation, humans are perhaps the most numerous of all god-touched lineages. Being very flexible, and often unpredictable, they can thrive in any sort of environment and have an aptitude for a wide variety of things.


Avendaran humans are more or less as are in real life, with the same range of possible appearance. Skin may be from pale pink to deep brown. Hair black and curly or blonde and straight, or anything in between. Bodies can be short, fat, tall, thin, etc.


Humans are famed for their tendency towards expansion and kingdom-building. Other lineages often associate humanity with war and imperialism, as humans founded and dominate nearly all of the largest states in Avendar, and certainly all of those most prone to war. Earendam was once the seat of a great empire, the Republic, which spanned the continent prior to the War of Night. Once rival to the Republic, the Gogothi empire fell a thousand years ago, its lands and people devastated by void magic. Today, the human cities in the northern half of the continent stand semi-independently, woven together by trade routes through ruin-strewn wildlands.

Domestication originated as a human art, and one they are known to apply not only to animals but other lineages or even other human communities. This makes humans famously social, yet curiously difficult to integrate into non-human communities; in regions where humanity dominates, the unspoken expectation is that other lineages will conform to them. A failure to conform to a human community's rules often leads to ostracization, othering, or exile.


Jolinn's somnolence during humanity's early development, as well as the inherent dangers of the world after the Sundering, lead to humanity's earliest influences being the dark and bloody.

Lilune's early influence on humanity drove them to exploration, and to this day humans are easily among the most numerous of the god-touched species. The human obsession with bloodlines and the various social mores and artifices built up around them are attributed to Lilune; likewise the binary genders found in many human cultures are thought to derive from early Lilunite myths.


After the storms of the Sundering began to calm, humanity emerged as disparate tribal groups in the east of the Sotuei Cauldron. With Jolinn unable to tend to His creations in His somnolence, Ashur and Lilune instead shaped humanity's earliest days. As the nascent people indulged in ever-bloodier barbarism that began to sweep up their srryn, nefortean, and caladaran neighbors, Iandir's response was the creation of Dolgrael, who was tasked with correcting humanity and bringing order to their chaos.

Under Dolgrael's auspice, disorganized raiding bands and petty warlords became functional militaries capable of seizing and holding ever-increasing swaths of territory. The most successful of these warlords was ultimately Pree Faarax gith Harrud, who settled most the coast and founded the city before his death. In human tradition, he was succeeded by his son, and though his bloodline retained control of its territories for a mere handful of generations it would forever bear his name.

  1. * At creation, humans receive 3 points by which they may improve their stats (except constitution). These points can go to one stat or be divided among several. If you are uncertain, you can pick default, which is balanced for your class.