Avendar owes its existence to the collaborative work of many different people over the years. This page is meant to commemorate those individuals. When possible, the deities those individuals were most associated with are also listed.

Current Staff

Founding Designers

Much like the game world itself, Avendar was originally conceived of and created by the individuals behind the three overgods:

  • Matt "Loot Like Mad Bitches" Wallace - Ashur
  • Thane "Do You Have Anything To Say For Yourself" Williams - Iandir
  • Brandon "Yes, A Tentacle" Downey - Jolinn

We thank them for sharing their vision with us and allowing us to carry on Avendar's torch in their absence.

Supporting Gods / Implementers

These implementers were instrumental in Avendar's first years and contributed vast swaths of foundational work to the development and world of the game. Their names and associated deities:

Former Staff

These folks have invested time and energy into building areas, handling interactions and storytelling, developing code, and otherwise making other substantive contributions to the game:

Other Assistance

Many others have also been on staff for brief periods or have lent a hand in other ways:

Aeraap, Aerina, Benedir/Dolgrael, Calesta, Caraighan, Korodrath, Korthalos, Kronos, Fluxcat, Landeyda, Lilune (the original one), Phandaal, Transmitt, Saedacal/Brooksy, Sitheus, Ravn, Regalas, Ztheir