Epithets the Lord of the Sapphire Spear, Father of the Seas
Favored People Human
Element(s) Water
Alignment Lawful Good
Iconography A sapphire spear, a diamond shield
Values Water, life, protection, community, purification, healing
Worshippers Water magi, generals, sailors, bodyguards


One of the three Overgods who created the world of Avendar, it was Jolinn's desire for purpose that inspired His own offering: life. After Iandir's effort manifested the physical world, Jolinn set Himself to turn Form into Being. Discontent with this mar on perfect absence, Ashur bestowed the gift of death on Jolinn's creations. Jolinn and Ashur quarreled, already at odds with one another over the destiny of young Avendar. To save the Prime from its imminent end in a divine war, Iandir proposed the Compact. However, this measure merely prevented the Overgods themselves from directly manifesting their differing visions in the world they three had created. Ancient magic, as wielded by the gods, was infused into the Prime, transforming Jolinn's young Life into godlings in their own right.

This fateful act raised the First Race, the ancient alatharya, to their place as chosen of the gods. Jolinn, in turn, began designs for further diversity in life. At the same time, Ashur nourished the seeds of jealousy in the hearts of the alatharya. In their quest to seize divine power for themselves, the alatharya incurred the combined wrath of the Overgods. This event became known as the Sundering, which both permanently cast down the First Race and divided magic from its pure form into six elemental spheres. Jolinn expended great power to save the world from ruin, but the legendary civilization of the alatharya was decimated. Secondarily, the Sundering scoured Avendar's surface with magical storms, corrupting many of Jolinn's previous creations. With the birth of His final design– humanity– the Father of the Seas fell into a deep slumber, and His influence on mortal affairs waned.

Humans, with their tremendous capacity for adaptation and change, flourished in the wake of the Sundering. Some modern scholars suggest that it was this very gift which in turn brought about their alliance with the primitive srryn, whose discovery of the magics of Fire would scorch the world with its fury. This conflict, known as the War of Fire, saw the destruction of the empires of the aelin and death on a scale unprecedented since the Sundering. Seeking the Titans who had survived the fall of the alatharya, this alliance of humans and aelin beseeched them for a way to quell the orgy of destruction to the south. With the aid of the Titans, this struggling band was able to once again awaken the Father of the Seas. In His mercy, Jolinn granted them the magics of Water. In the holy name of the Father, the humans and aelin drove the srryn warlords back to their swamps, ending the War.

With the martyrdom of Saint Aramril, Jolinn founded the Champions of Avendar and populated it with those who served in His name. In the ages since, Jolinn and His Champions have fought the machinations of evil. During the War of Night, it was they who first opposed the diabolic magics of Void. Further, they sacrificed themselves to ward off the darkness until the Day of Two Dawns. In both war and peace, the Father of the Seas' iconic spear has always been ready to defend the good peoples of Avendar, either directly or through the work of His chosen.

Goals and Methods

The Lord of the Sapphire Spear embraces order, as it was through the command of primal chaos that Life came to be. Unlike His fellow Overgod, Iandir, Jolinn does not embrace law for its own sake. Rather, His ultimate goal is a harmonious state in which His creations thrive and multiply. Choice, too, is valued by the Father; given the ability to decide their own destinies, Jolinn hopes that all mortals will ultimately choose to be as He is. After all, had He desired mindless automatons, He would have made them that way. Thus, sapients freely embracing his compassionate creed is the greatest of His joys. However, evil stands always near to corrupt His children or lead to their suffering, rather than growth. In turn, Jolinn espouses protection to all who might require it to achieve their highest potential.

As the architect of life in Avendar, Jolinn's influence can be seen in both nature and mortalkind alike. While all races are initially His creation, it should be noted that the only “pure” design which still remains is that of humanity. The disruptive nature of the Sundering transformed many of Jolinn’s earlier designs. The noble aelin, for example, developed their characteristic wings, while the spark of the divine brought self-awareness to the primitive srryn. This in turn can offer some insight into the existence of the shuddeni, who despite being alive, have no glimmer of the Father’s goodness within them. The warping effect of the Sundering made the young race especially susceptible to the insinuation of Tzet-Askhari as their true father, producing a mockery of Jolinn’s desires. As a result, the shuddeni alone are fundamentally incapable of ever commanding the healing power of Water.


As the creator of Life, Jolinn’s worship is among the most prevalent in Avendar. Because of His distance from the time of the Sundering until the climatic moments of the War of Fire, His most well-established followings were founded by humans. The most well-known of His organizations are as follows:

The Sons and Daughters of Jolinn

"Alone, each of you is mighty; together, we are legend."

Grounded in the tenet of unity, Sons of Jolinn include diplomats, generals, and priests. It is their task to carry the mantle of leadership that the Father of the Seas bears amongst the gods of the Light. Given the many competing visions of the world is it could be, Sons of Jolinn require a powerful voice and presence. This may be to balance the wild dreams of the Rystaians or to rouse the subdued contemplatives of Alajial. Such leaders often find themselves surrounded by others who serve the Light, tasked with organizing their many talents for the greater good. Patience is perhaps the greatest virtue of a Son of Jolinn, as it will often be he who must act as mediator and counselor. Many Champions of Avendar have counted themselves among the Sons of Jolinn, often serving in its most respected positions. Fighters often seek this sect, as their military inclination steels them well for the rigors of leadership.

The Brotherhood of the Sapphire Spear

"There will be no running! Here, we make our stand!"

Protection is the primary function of the Brotherhood, be it as broad as a city-state or as narrow as a single child. Each Spearbearer must decide for himself how broadly his oath applies. Yet, to all of them, this promise is perpetually binding. Guarding untainted souls is universally paramount, but a Spearbearer’s vow focuses him to protect who and what he feels need it most. Unsurprisingly, these individuals often find themselves working with Iandir’s Soldiers of the Crown or among the Champions of Avendar. The first Patrician of Earendam, Corvandil Lyceonis, is revered as a Saint among the Brotherhood for his legendary defense of the city during the First Kankoran War. A Spearbearer trends toward defense rather than attack, which often places him on unsteady ground. Thus, only the most stalwart and unyielding warriors and templars are admitted into the Brotherhood’s ranks.

The Soulsworn of the Ahidaya

"Show me where it hurts."

The Soulsworn of the Ahidaya are an organization started in memory of the near-mythic human archmage, Salyra. Their name is derived from the sapphire-topped staff Salyra is said to have crafted under the tutelage of Jolinn Himself. Those who are called to the Soulsworn frequently possess some talent with the magics of Water, and spend their time ever honing that ability. Focused on the healing of others, they may direct their attention to physical, or to more ephemeral wounds of the mind and soul. Although it is not necessary for a Soulsworn to be overtly martial (and they often are not), they frequently find themselves in the thick of battle, or tending those who have been. Kind words, a gentle hand, and the desire to preserve life at great personal cost are all traits suitable to this creed. Water scholars, and occasionally those of Spirit, are the most common members of the Soulsworn.

Individual Followers

Many followers of Jolinn have rigidly defined morals and strong notions of both purity and defense. These ideas are most often embraced by humans and aelin, although ethron and caladaran have been known to heed the call of the Sapphire Spear. Evil is not suffered lightly by any devoted of Jolinn, and their organizational nature allow for a far more thorough response to it than that espoused by more chaotic ethoi. Cooperation is a principle virtue to all followers of Jolinn, making them natural leaders among their peers. Although not typically as charismatic as their Rystaian or Aeolian brethren, Jolinn's disciples still command considerable attention. Particularly devout faithful set aside Iolenday, Jolinn’s Day, for rest and contemplation.

Because of Jolinn's strong presence in human history, His worship is quite extensive throughout the civilized world. The great Temple of Qalnistra in Earendam is among the most famed of His houses of worship, with the legendary priestess Falcia Nilin seeing many sacrifices in the Father’s name. Good-hearted people who wish for a protected environment in which to raise families and lay roots commonly revere the Lord of the Sapphire Spear.

Those who find favor with the Father of the Seas are marked with the Sigil of the Sapphire Spear.


Jolinn is foremost among the gods of the Light, His place as Overgod cementing His position for so long as the Prime exists. Even when in disagreement, other good-hearted deities defer to the judgment of the Lord of the Sapphire Spear, although the goddesses of the ch’taren typically resist easy agreement. The gods of law offer Jolinn a measure of respect because of their shared methods, although they frequently differ from His vision. Enirra particularly covets Jolinn’s position as Overgod, straining their relationship beyond what is typical of the neutral pantheon. All evil deities revile Jolinn, as His mighty hand swings heavy against them. Bayyal, the Lord of Hatred, harbors a special, if impotent, grudge against the Father of the Seas for His binding and imprisonment. Tzet-Askhari's ancient differences remain yet unsettled, Its death-dream for the Prime making It Jolinn's greatest threat.