The tradition of gladiatorial combat is strong throughout Avendar, and the spectacle of arena combat has become a formidable art in its own right. A properly trained gladiator is versed in a variety of weapons, and showy - but undeniably effective - techniques to put them to good use. Gladiatorial combat has spread from the far south of Ashta Harrud into many cultures of Avendar, some of them more self-determined than others.

The srryn reverence for Fenthiran ideals outweighs the indignity of competing for the entertainment of warmbloods in Earendam. Harrudim gladiators are nearly exclusively human, whereas the shuddeni favor making their chaja subordinates fight for pleasure. The massive size of the alatharya frequently make them a fan-favorite, their racial proclivity for both resilience and force giving them notable advantages.

Gladiators can be of any alignment and any ethos.