God touch

In Avendar, the gods offer a certain background presence to the lives of all people. Some find themselves touched in ways that profoundly affect their lives, typically leaving a visible mark. This is commonly manifested at birth, but can occur at later points in life. Most consider this a sign of the god's favour, but may simply represent a passing interest. That said, if one so marked profoundly displeases a god, or is chosen as an exemplar of another god's faith, the mark will be removed.

Creating a character with a god touch costs 3 trains upon character generation, but they may be earned for free in play through good roleplay. One may only have a god touch from a single deity. Should the mark be removed for any reason, any cost will not be refunded.

The effects of these touches are as follows:

Deity Effect
Aeoleri +4 Charisma
Serachel Your aura never appears redder than faint red, regardless of actual resonance.
Alil Your wisdom score will always be equal to two less than your current charisma.
Chadraln +10% mana regeneration speed.
Jalassa Unarmed damage is calculated as if the masterwork weapon flag were applied.
Alajial -22 armour class; aggressive monsters will cease to be aggressive ten levels sooner than normal.
Jolinn Water-based healing is 10% more effective on you.
Lilune +4 Intelligence
Dolgrael +4 Strength
Fenthira +4 Constitution
Sythrak Unarmed attacks deal fire damage.
Sitheus Unarmed attacks deal disease damage.
Girikha Bonus lightning damage (maximum 12 points) on all melee attacks.
Calaera +7% damage against all evil opponents.
Rystaia -10 saves vs negative.
Vaialos Vaialos is dead, unable to mark anyone.
Elar +1hp per level 50% of the time; natural magic healing is 10% more effective on you.
Lielqan Your bite attacks are more effective; you do not suffer the penalties imposed by the Gamaloth domain, should they apply.
Ayaunj You receive an additional 20% discount when making purchases. This stacks with haggle.
Bayyal +10 resist fire, -10 resist cold.
Tzajai +4 Luck
Arkhural +7% damage against all good-aligned targets.
Ashur Ashur does not care to mark mortals.
Rveyelhi +12% damage against all chaotic targets.
Iandir -66 armour class.
Enirra Your karma is always treated as if it was 25% of its actual value.