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The original font of life was Jolinn, who seeded Avendar with its first single-celled organisms and set evolution in motion after the formation of its physical and metaphysical laws by Iandir. Ashur then contributed the concepts of entropy and death for Its own reasons, completing the world as we know it. As other gods arrived or came into being, many of them intervened in the course of various species' evolutions or even created new lifeforms wholesale; however, by and large, the gods seek to influence what already exists.

While sometimes referred to as "races," the different lineages of Avendar are well and truly different species. Each playable species has its own unique biology and anatomy. Some are divine creations or had their development guided by a god, others evolved from natural flora and fauna; most are some combination of the two. People of different species cannot interbreed to create offspring, but sex and relationships of all kinds happen frequently and are regarded neutrally at best, with varying attitudes depending on the culture.


The choice of lineage in Avendar influences some important things about your character, from physical or mental statistics that influence how well a character does various things to special abilities such as flight or night vision.


Most lineages give a +2 bonus to one of your hit points, mana, or move for every level you gain.

Lineage STR INT WIS DEX CON CHR Bonus Res Vuln Size
Aelin 17 23 17 23 17 25 Move Lightning Bash Medium
Alatharya 25 17 17 17 23 23 Hit points Bash Holy Large
Caladaran 17 23 25 17 23 17 Mana Illusion Fire Medium
Ch'taren 17 25 23 17 17 23 Mana Holy Negative Medium
Chaja 25 17 17 23 23 17 Hit points Light Illusion Large
Ethron 23 17 25 17 17 23 Move Cold Lightning Small
Human[1] 20 20 20 20 20 20 None None None Medium
Nefortu 17 23 17 25 23 17 Move Pierce Sound Small
Shuddeni 17 25 23 17 17 23 Mana Negative Light Medium
Srryn 23 17 17 23 25 17 Hit points Fire Cold Large
  1. Humans receive three bonus stat points which may be placed on any stat.