Great House

The world of Avendar is home to four ancient Great Houses that court adventurers. Representing extensions of the important political, economic, and moral forces that shape the world of Avendar, each has come to fill its own niche in Avendarian society.

Each house is supported by several deities who lend their favour, protection, and powers to members thereof. Regardless, it is not mandatory for members to directly follow one of the patron deities; all houses have a number of deities whose faiths are compatible with the house's goals, and it is also perfectly acceptable to favour no god at all as a house member.

House Patron Deities
Champions of Avendar Jolinn, Rystaia, Alajial
Coven of the Shunned Ashur, Serachel, Lilune
Raiders of Twilight Arkhural
Grand Federation of Merchants Ayaunj, Chadraln, Aeoleri

The Guardians of Law was formerly a house until the organization was shuttered at the decree of its founder, Iandir.

Houses each have a locus of power located somewhere in Avendar. In each of these locations a mystical vault has been established around which the house is built, where the houses store their treasures and focus the energy of the coveted stones of power.


Players may petition to join houses, offering their services to factions whose interests and beliefs match their own. The only requirements to join a house are to be at least hero (level 51) and to be able to articulate a goal for your character that is, if not in alignment with the house's values, at least not in opposition to them. This must be done in-character during a short interview conducted by an NPC representative of the house. Please see the articles for each house to learn more about their values.

You may apply for house membership by addressing a note to the house and immortal; failing to include immortal in the 'to' of your note means we won't receive it. It takes may take a week from sending an application to a house before a response is received; we'll try to let you know if there will be any significant delays. If you want to confirm your application was received, feel free to ask.

This should go without saying, but breaking into a house you have applied to will likely result in immediate disqualification of your application. Regardless of your character's individual disposition, houses expect their members to show a degree of respect for the house and its agents. Such violations do not speak for one's trustworthiness.


Houses that have secured a number of the stones of power will gain abilities based on both their house and the quantity of stones possessed, making them extremely desirable. The general grounds claimed by a house will also serve as a place of general safety for its members, and offer a variety of services such as healers, scaling armor and weapons, and free food. In return, it is expected that house members be prepared to support the will and ambitions of the house, whatever those may be, and defend the house when it is attacked or robbed. Each house has its own rules or guidelines for members in addition.